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Bottero Flat Glass General catalogue

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High performances

High performances automatic line. 558 LAM The model Lamilinea 558 LAM is composed by integrated grinding system for coater removal, double heating element with controlled focusing and energy saving, automatic cutting and breakout up to minimum 20 mm trimming (head and tail - 5+5/1,52), interpolate system for pieces rotation with diagonal cuts management in automatic, low-e glass cutting, breaking, separating 8+8+4,56 (PVB), PC for the whole line control and for the numeric control of all operations and working parameters with Bottero optimizer on machine board. LAMINATED CUT Technical features metric imperial Max cut from 3800 mm from 150” Min glass thickness 2 ÷ 0,38 PVB ÷ 2 mm 5/64” ÷ 0,015” PVB ÷ 5/64” Max glass thickness 12 ÷ 0,76 PVB ÷ 12 mm 15/32” ÷ 0,030” ÷ 15/32” Cutting & breakout 20 mm standard Grinding wheel for Low-e standard Automatic rotation standard Automatic diagonal cut standard 42 43

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