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Bottero Flat Glass General catalogue

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FLOAT CUT EASY DELETION LMT PPL LAM Shape Edge deletion of Low-E coating with vertical axis wheel operating at up to 80 m/min speed and therefore compatible to moderate edge deletion requirements. High performance system for the Edge Deletion of Low-E coating with 200 mm diameter peripheral wheel. The ideal solution for large Low-E edge deletion needs thanks to the max 160 m/min processing speed on structural glazing too. The automatic labeling system is the best solution for obtaining the identification (free from human errors) of the glass and consequently the most efficient organization of post-processes within the factory. Processing small batches of laminated glass in irregular shapes during normal production is becoming a challenging task. Bottero innovative shape cutting device has been engineered to be an add-on to normal production and can process laminated glass shapes without affecting the performance of the laminated glass cutting table. 26 27

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